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My First Blog

My First Blog, Short and Sweet.

I wanted to write this first blog so I can explain why I started this business and page after going through my spiritual awakening and embracing my healing abilities. I live highly by “be the change you wish to see” and after my awakening I wanted to create a site for beginners who might need some direction on their path of healing. During my awakening, I felt so incredibly lost on so many levels, finding information from 27 different sites did not make it any easier lol. I wanted to create a “one stop shop” for the basics of health and wellness. I included herbs/minerals that help with the basics of stress, anxiety, brain function etc., things that most people experience from day to day and might be coping with in an unhealthy way. Like I used to. This page is basically my version of spirituality and if I don’t articulate myself in a way that resonates you, I also added links to other sources of information or guidance. I can only speak from my experience and what helps me wont help everybody but everyone needs healthy boundaries, everyone needs to know how to manage stress and everyone needs to know about mental health. This is a page where you can go if you’re trying to find a supplement that will help with anxiety, or want to learn how to meditate, need Reiki or because you want to learn how to freshen up your energy and the energy around you. The basics, for beginners.

Life is Good