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She has led me through releasing deep restrictive beliefs and wounds that were held in my body and even though I had my personal spiritual practice her assistance in my healing has been just what I needed to get to the next level and back into alignment with my true self after feeling out of wack for some time. She’s my healer now and always. Thank you to the moon and back!!!

Megan H

I had a Reiki session with Madison and it was very powerful. The energy moving through my body was palpable during the session. I felt a shift in my energy that left me feeling balanced, content and peaceful. This feeling stayed with me for several days.

Elizabeth W.

I had hands down one of the most powerful and sacred experiences of my life this week. It was so glorious, so magical, so sacred, so powerful. I have been looking for words all week to write about it. It is honestly one of the most magnificent experiences of my life. How can I translate?

Sarah P.

This was my first experience with Reiki, I was a bit anxious when we started and recovering from debilitating pain, and now afterwords I feel I’ve achieved alignment within myself that makes me feel more in control of what I allow to affect me. I’ve been reminded of my own personal power. If you are ever in doubt, afraid, etc of yourself.. I truly recommend Reiki as a starting point. Thank you for everything!

Carl F.

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