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What it entails:

Before the session, the client will be advised to keep meals light, avoid highly processed/fried foods, not to ingest alcohol, coffee or other stimulants ten hours prior to scheduled session. Tea is perfectly fine. If you do eat meat (small portions), source it naturally and organically. Following these adjustments for at least seven days will allow the Reiki energy to reach its full effectiveness.

During the forty-minute remote healing session, I will restore and balance your chakras/energy as well as focus on any areas of pain at your request. As a Reiki Master, I can conduct a healing treatment without being near you using a combination of ancient sacred symbols, my own natural healing abilities, and other sacred techniques I have learned. Because there is no difference in energy transference between being in person and distance, a distance session is my personal favorite as you are able to completely relax and experience this treatment in a familiar environment. All that is required of you during our session is that you be laying down somewhere quiet where you will not be interrupted. I will send you a track to listen to during the session to help you relax and then I will take it from there. After finishing a session with a client, I then send them an email report of what I saw and what we specifically worked on. I will also recommend to them extra tips or practices that will help them balance their own energies and incorporate better energetic habits.

After the session, the client is recommended to drink plenty of water and if possible, to take a salt bath. In the coming days, the client may experience what is commonly known as a “clearing period”. This is when the mind picks-up on the cleared energy still leaving the energy-body. This can be quite difficult at times and emotionally turbulent but always passes. It is a reminder that the energy is still leaving the body, a process which can take up to a few days after the session has finished.


When booking a session, you will be charged the full amount of your session. Cancellations made within 72 hours for a Reiki treatment will receive a full refund (100%), or may reschedule for a future session with that session already paid in full. For Reiki services a 50% refund is offered for cancellations within 48 hours. NO refunds are given for cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. Cancellation Example: You have a scheduled Reiki session for Monday at 8pm (EST), you cancel on Sunday (anytime) you will not receive a refund. Cancel on Saturday =50% refund. Cancel on Friday=100% refund or you may reschedule with the session already paid in full.

About my services

All of my services and courses are designed so that you can become empowered and awaken the healer within yourself. I will assist in the healing process but you will also be given the tools that allow you to gain confidence and independence so you may fully experience the power that you hold within yourself. Each course will be different for each client as our energies are as unique a thumbprint, tailored specifically for you, to use as long as you would like. I provide my clients with all the tools, methods and information that I have access to, so that even if you don't have access to me or another healer, you are able to heal yourself.

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