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* When you wake up, ask your Angels/Guides for protection and guidance. They surround you 24/7 but can only intervene when asked. Remember to ask for it. Ask for healing, clarity, peace, wisdom and guidance. Ask for abundance, creativity, light and love. Don’t be timid in your prayers or request’s. Be bold. Be positive. Be grateful as everything you’re asking for is already making it’s way to you.

*Close your eyes, imagine a huge bright white light is coming down through the top of your head (Crown Chakra) and filling your being with light. You will feel the energy throughout your body, let it over flow into your aura/energetic field so that it may establish and impenetrable protective layer. This must be done every 12 hours.

* Write down 5 things you are grateful for. Expressing gratitude sets the day for positivity and to receive blessings. Ex. Thank you for giving me another day. Thank you for giving me this breath. Thank you for providing me with food/protection/dental floss.. It can truly be anything and everything. Gratitude is the attitude for receiving abundance. Personally, I meditate on love and gratitude but it does not matter as the expression and intention are the same.

* Drink 2 glasses of warm lemon water BEFORE eating anything. Your gut is directly linked to your mental health and doing this allows it to start the day properly.

* Take your supplements/vitamins.

* Burning Palo Santo raises the vibration and attracts positive energy and encounters for your day.

* Recite positive affirmations to yourself in the morning and throughout the day.










Whenever you feel yourself doubting yourself or negative self talk, repeat these affirmations. You are breaking the cycle of negative mental activity. It takes time, but it will happen. Speak only positivity and you will only see/receive positivity. The Toltec people refer to these thoughts as parasites. They get stronger only when you feed into the negativity and starved when you flush your thoughts with love and positivity.

Throughout the day, if you experience a depletion in your vibration, ask God/Source/Buddha/who ever you pray to for protection and to fill your body with love and light. If you encounter any sort of negativity, sage yourself to release the stagnant energy.

* SHOWER MEDITATION * When showering, imagine that all the stress and negative energy from the day is being rinsed from your body. Taking deep breaths through your nostrils and releasing any tension/negativity through your mouth. Repeat for 5 breaths, or however many you feel intuitively guided to do. Some days I’m in there for 3 breaths, others 30. Once you have completed this, imagine a huge gold light coming in through the top of your head and filling your being with Gold energy.

* Do 30 minutes a day of physical activity. Emotions can and will get stuck in your body. I use yoga to move the energy around and balance my chakras. Any form of physical activity will work, Hatha yoga is actually a mindfulness meditation as well. Yoga connects me to my breath and reduces any pain that I might have in my body, it is low impact and can work for all.

* Meditation. A healthy connection with self is imperative to having healthy relationships. Meditation reduces stress/anxiety, increases your sense of well being, increases connection to self (easier to make decisions), improves focus, improves relationships, makes you more creative, improves memory, helps overcome addictions, enhances immune system,..etc… I meditate first thing in the morning. It is my secret weapon to having a good day.

* SAGE at the end of each day to cleanse your energy. You want to burn Palo Santo when you burn sage as burning sage will get rid of all energies/spirits, even the Angel’s that are there to watch your back! Palo Santo welcomes them back 🙂

* Drink lots of water. Try to find spring water as it isn’t full of fluoride. Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland or Third Eye. This is your intuition/Highest Self. Eat less processed food, more fruits and veggies (organic.)

* And lastly, be a good person 🙂  Do one good deed a day for someone who can do nothing for you. A simple smile could turn someones day around. Being of service to others is a huge pillar in living a life of abundance and prosperity. Hand out some spare change, give your leftovers. Be who you needed when you were struggling.

I am so happy and excited for you to begin this journey of self care and living a full and happy life! This entire list is a form of self care. You are a soul having a human experience. This guide helps you to reconnect and maintain connection with your Highest self every single day. Happiness starts with loving yourself, unconditionally. And I am so honored to be apart of your journey.