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Raise My Vibe Guide

* When you wake up, ask your Angels/Guides for protection and guidance. They surround you 24/7 but can only intervene when asked. Remember to ask for it. Ask for healing, clarity, peace, wisdom and guidance. Ask for abundance, creativity, light and love. Don’t be timid in your prayers or request’s. Be bold. Be positive. Be grateful as everything you’re asking for is already making it’s way to you.

*Close your eyes, imagine a huge bright white light is coming down through the top of your head (Crown Chakra) and filling your being with light. You will feel the energy throughout your body, let it over flow into your aura/energetic field so that it may establish and impenetrable protective layer. This must be done every 12 hours.

Cut The Sh*t List

This list is to help eliminate bad habits and replace them with better, more productive ones! This requires you to sit down and have a very honest conversation with yourself. In one column you’re going to write down all the habits you need to improve on.

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